About Our Osteopaths

Osteopaths Working At The Centre

Sarah Izzard

Osteopath, Sarah Izzard, started The Natural Health Centre in Leeds in 1998. Graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989, Sarah worked in New Zealand and Australia for four years before returning to Britain to work in Yorkshire.

Sarah started the Natural Health Centre in 1998. Sarah works with both Cranial and Classical osteopathy. Her youngest patient was 4 days old and her oldest 92 years old. As an active person, she is very interested in treating sports injuries, understanding the importance of injury management, safely exercising with injury, and returning to activity quickly.

Dr Kate Davidson

Kate initially trained and qualified in medicine, working as a doctor before deciding to study and teach yoga. In osteopathy she found a way to bring yoga and medicine together in a more integrated approach to health. She applies both the empirical science of medicine and the more intuitive practice of yoga to her osteopathic treatment.

Our osteopaths are members of the British Osteopathic Association www.osteopathy.org and The General osteopathic council. www.osteopathy.org.uk