The Natural Health Centre, Osteopathy and Yoga, Leeds

The Natural Health Centre

Established in 1998 The Natural Health Centre was the first osteopathic clinic in Leeds city centre. With over 25 years experience Sarah Izzard has helped thousands of people. The Natural Health Centre remains a friendly comfortable clinic where the patients’ needs are paramount. Our osteopaths will take time to understand your body and how you can stay to symptom free.

In January 2017 The Natural Health Centre expanded into bigger premises. Osteopathy appointments are available in Kilkenny House and The Haven. We now teach Iyengar Yoga at The Haven,4-5 The Gateway West, East Street LS9 8DA, where we teach small classes most days.

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You can now search and book your place on one of our Iyengar Yoga classes. Follow this link for more information.

If we are in physical pain it affects our whole life, we are distracted; the pain and immobility require a lot of attention. It is exhausting. Osteopathic treatment will improve your mobility, reduce your pain and enable you to get your life back.
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As osteopaths we aim to identify all of the areas of your body which are unable to fulfil their normal function, unpick the events that have lead to the chains of mechanical error and strategically treat all of the affected areas. The symptoms that the patient describes can be the combined effects of all of the mechanical strains/malfunctions.
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Iyengar Yoga
Yoga has a direct positive effect on our mental, physical and emotional health. The Iyengar teaching method was developed by BKS Iyengar and is the most frequently taught yoga in the world. Join one of our classes to become strong, balanced, flexible, focused and calm.
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As someone who has practised Iyengar yoga for many years I was delighted to find The Natural Health Centre. The teachers are all exceptionally well prepared and, because the classes are small, they are able to give individual correction and advice. It’s a great place to discover the benefits of yoga. If you have more experience, they will gently push you to get the best out of yourself. – Vivien

Kilkenny House, 7 King Street, Leeds  LS1 2HH

The Haven, 4-5 The Gateway West, East Street LS9 8DA | 07931 732204